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Falling in Love...Finding God
Marriage and the Spiritual Exercises
of St. Ignatius of Loyola

by Bridget Brennan and Jerry Shen

Integrating marriage with the Spiritual exercises, Falling in Love…Finding God invites readers to grow in intimacy with each other and with God. With insights and stories of their 40+ years together, the authors lead couples to discover and experience love, intimacy, and God. Practical tools such as communication, conflict resolution, and management of time, sex, and money are offered. Ignatian Spirituality tools such as Discernment and Examen are also detailed.

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Claiming Our Deepest Desires
The Power of an Intimate Marriage
by Bridget Brennan and Jerry Shen

This book integrates the spirituality of marriage with the practical experience of marriage. Claiming Our Deepest Desires is for adults in healthy committed married relationships, who wish to grow in love and intimacy to realize the full promise of marriage. Ideally spouses will read, reflect on, and discuss the book together. It can be used by individuals, small groups, or as a supplemental text to university-level courses.

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Reach Out to Your Young Marrieds with
The Marriage Connection
Wedding the Spiritual
and the Practical
by Bridget Brennan

This 90-page facilitator's guide (including CD) is a simple yet comprehensive book that contains all the tools needed to guide a Young Marrieds Retreat. It can also be used effectively to lead group discussions in a church or community setting.

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