Married Couples Retreats

Two immersive retreat weekends are available. Both begin on Friday evening, extend through Saturday and end midday on Sunday.

• Couples Retreat in the Context of Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola

– Friday evening: The Principles and Foundation of the Spiritual Exercises
– Saturday: First, Second and Third Weeks of Spiritual Exercises which include: Entering into Commitment; Making a Commitment to God and the Vision of Marriage; The Life of Jesus: Choices, Discernment and Values; and Faithful to the Commitment
– Sunday morning: Fourth Week of Spiritual Exercises includes: Transformation through Commitment; closing with How We Live Commitment in Our Daily Lives

• Growing in Love with One Another, Growing in Love with God

– Friday evening: Overview: Marriage as a Call to Intimacy; Growing in Holiness and Mission; Sharing Stories: How and Why We Decide to Marry
– Saturday: In Sync and Out of Sync: How Do We Respond?; Top Ten Stresses in Marriage; Significant Life Moments; Communication: How Do I Tell You that I Love You?; includes communication exercises; The Sacrament of Sexuality; Personality Differences; and The Cycle of Rebirth: The Healing Power of Love
– Sunday morning: Where Do We Go From Here: Changing Our Habits; and closing with The Fruit of Love is Joy

Some meals are included. Call or email Bridget to find out more.



Starting Fresh

A workshop for adult women or men who are widowed or divorced.

Life Happens... we can choose to roll away the stones that keep us from moving forward or we can choose to remain stuck where we are... we are the chooser.

Starting Fresh is often scary. We feel vulnerable, unsure of ourselves, confused. We may find ourselves wrapped in degrees of sadness, anger, doubt, uncertainty, bitterness. While this is normal for anyone experiencing loss, it helps if we can name the feelings, face the fears and take small steps to move forward.

In the Starting Fresh Workshop, Bridget Brennan, an experienced group facilitator and relationship guru, provides some very basic, practical tools to move forward and Start Fresh.

Participants will be guided to re-focus on:
• Reclaiming their life: Who they are? Where they are? Where do they want to go?
• Creating a Vision for their life
• Learning from their past relationship history
• Overcoming fears and obstacles that hinder Starting Fresh
• Making choices towards: Finding God in their life; living an authentic, meaningful life; and starting fresh with Hope and Confidence

Day-long workshops are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and can be held at places of worship, community or educational centers. Call or email Bridget Brennan to find out more.



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